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Common Mistakes People Make When Applying For Disability Benefits

Arnold & Arnold LLC Oct. 17, 2023

Applicants are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for several reasons. Sometimes it’s a simple error when filling out the application or something more complex, such as failing to present proper medical evidence.

One of the most common complications applicants for disability benefits face is being outside the time frame to file for benefits. SSD claims must be made within a five-year period. Otherwise you may miss out on your ability to obtain disability benefits.

At Arnold and Arnold, our attorney and team of professionals help people in Macon, Statesboro and throughout Georgia put together strong applications that meet the deadlines.

Staying On Top Of All The Deadlines

Social Security starts timing your five-year limitation date from the date that you stopped working your job. For many applicants, the first year of their impairment is spent focusing on their medical treatment. Thinking about and planning for a long-term disability is stressful and is a reality many people try to avoid. Although it may be difficult, you don’t have to deal with this issue alone. Our disability lawyer understands the challenges you are facing with your medical condition and can handle all aspects of your claim, from the application process to the appeals process.

One way to improve your chances for success in your disability claim is filing for your disability benefits as soon as possible. By contacting an experienced SSD lawyer, you can determine early on if you qualify for benefits and avoid many of the hurdles applicants face when applying on their own. Remember, the Social Security Administration gives you five years to prove your disability claim. If your initial application is unsuccessful, filing early gives you sufficient time to appeal any unfavorable decisions on your claim