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Can I Work While Filing for Disability Benefits?

Arnold & Arnold LLC Jan. 30, 2018

When you apply for disability benefits, many details about your future can be uncertain. What happens if the government does not approve your benefits? How long will it take for your application to go through? Will you have the funds you need to support yourself and your family while you go through the application process?

For some, working during the application process can reduce the financial strain of waiting for benefits. However, this income could put your eligibility for SSD and SSDI at risk.

Generally, You Cannot Work Full Time While Applying For Disability Benefits.

In general, the Social Security Administration will not consider your claim if you work full time. While pushing through the pain or difficulty of your disability can help you receive a more substantial income now, it can make it difficult to be approved for disability benefits in the long run. The government may even view part time work as evidence that your condition is not an impairment and that you do not need disability benefits to meet your needs.

If You Work, You Cannot Earn A “Substantial” Income.

While you generally cannot work full time while applying for SSDI, it is still possible to work part time and receive benefits as long as you don’t earn a “substantial” amount. The exact income limit depends on your disability; while most applicants cannot earn more than $1,260, those disabled due to blindness can earn up to $2,110.

If you want to know more about your options for supporting yourself while applying for disability benefits, speak to an attorney with experience in Social Security Disability benefits. They can help you determine how to work while maintaining your disability benefit eligibility. Our experienced legal staff of Georgia Disability Law Experts will be glad to assist you in filing and completing your claim.